Sector Development Initiatives

The water & waste water management sector needs certain efforts to have the dignity it deserves, while a lot has been done , Aktion india will focus on two key initiatives.

  • Wignity
  • Adoption of Villages


Under this initiative we will bring the Leading Water & Waste Water Management Companies together and create an association that lays the foundation to bring reform and advocate policies and practices to bring general benefits to sector.

Creating it’s own knowledge center with motivating a university to have dedicated engineering DIPLOMA and degree to produce talent for the business.

Adoption of Villages

With our without support of NGOs, the village adoption model shall aim at better drinking water and sewage management facility for creating a sustainable model for rural India that provides business opportunities to B & C companies in India and further creates the respect to the sector and business.
Start an award for outstanding work in the sector and encourage process, equipment R&D in India to reduce international dependence and improve self sustainability and profitability for Indian business.